Clue company offers a wide range of creative services such as concept development, copywriting, idea development, sketching and strategic thinking. I am a generalist, and I can’t help it. But I think what I’m best as is seeing opportunities where others miss them. I don’t find it hard to get ideas, but the art is picking out the good ones. Oh, and you may also book me for talks or creative workshops!

Concept development

I always start with a debrief, trying to pin point the problem, gathering insight on the issue.

If we don’t understand what the problem is, we can’t solve the problem. Many times this is the case. So I tend to focus on thorough research and analysis in this early stage, and making it crystal clear that everyone in the team has agreed upon what the essence of the problem is. Only then, can we embark on the concept development.

I have spent a lot of time developing mobile apps, making wireframes and developing the concept. In my advantage I have a wide experience from several fields, from product- and packaging design to advertising. I always check that the concept is in line with the brand values. There always has to be a reason why we do what we do.


I love to write. I love to read. I have experience writing anything from scripts for short films, website text, instructions and even poems. When I want to relax, I open my Macbook and dive into my newest novel project.


I am in the starting phase of gaining experience giving talks and leading lectures/meetings.

I can talk about creativity in general, but will most surely relate it to my own experiences as a creative in the ad- and tech industry. Because I have always had a strong digital focus, my talks will often revolve around how we can use creativity in matrimony with the technological tools that the world offers to us now.

My last venture was in the music industry, and I have gained valuable insight into the shift that is happening, and has been happening for quite a while, in the music industry.

Take a look at my portfolio to see some of my previous work.

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