Sing for the penguins!

How do engage people in the cause for the climate changes in a new and innovative way? You make them sing. Sing for the penguins!

Jørgen Amundsen, relative of Roald Amundsen and owner of Amundsen sports, was going on a collaborative expedition to the South Pole together with a few partners; Naturvernforbundet and Watercircles. The reason for the expedition was to set light on the climate changes, but also to showcase Amundsens sports clothing. The group asked us for a creative and big concept to engage people in this.

We created the concept “Sing for the penguins!” Penguins are one of the animal groups that suffer from the climate changes. Penguins are animals most people find “cute”.  If we could get people to contribute in a fun and easy way, we had them. So we asked people to record a simple tune, and in that way contribute to a collective song, to be played for the penguins at Antarctica, and in that way create awareness around climate changes.

We wanted people to follow the expedition blog, from start to end. Penguins enjoy music, so part of the excitement was to see the penguins’ reaction to the music at the end of the journey.




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